Schedule-A-Ride: (906) 387-4845 (48-hour notice required in outlying areas)
Schedule-A-Ride: (906) 387-4845
(48-hour notice required in outlying areas)

ALTRAN Rider Guide

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ALTRAN provides dial-a-ride service for all your transportation needs. To better serve all passengers, we urge you to make reservations in advance.  Same day call-ins may not be able to get the scheduled time they request due to advance reservations. Reservation times may be adjusted with other calls along the way. Please give yourself extra time and be aware that we cannot always pick you up at the exact time scheduled. Be ready to go when the bus/van arrives, waiting for you causes delay for other passengers.

Fare Policy

Each time you board the bus you must pay a fare. Please have your fare or ticket ready for the bus driver. Also, entering/exiting the bus for multiple stops results in a new fare each time. Digging in your purse, bag, or pocket, once you have entered the bus creates delays and makes us late for other pick-ups/drop-offs. Children two and under, when accompanied by an adult, ride free. If you need a personal care attendant, your attendant rides for free. Please do not call the bus if you do not have the appropriate fare.  NO $$$ = NO RIDE! If you call and arrange for transportation but do not have the money when we show up, not only will you be charged for the ride, but you will be denied transportation as well!  

Getting a Ride

If you are in need of transportation, please call us 24 hours in advance (906) 387-4845 Ext. 1, if possible, to make a reservation. Calling ahead helps us to pick you up on time and to schedule rides in the most efficient manner, filling up the bus/van instead of transporting 1-2 people at a time. Advance notice allows us to group riders together so we do not have buses crossing paths, wasting time and resources.  

When you call to reserve your ride, we will need to know these specifics:

  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • Your pick up address
  • Your destination address
  • Time you need to be there
  • Time you want to return
  • Any special needs you have (walker, wheelchair, difficulty with steps, etc.)

When making a reservation, we urge you to schedule a time for your return trip. Waiting until the last minute to schedule a return trip could result in a long wait.  

Service Information

Shoppers or riders with packages are limited to only what they can carry. It is not the driver’s responsibility to assist you with your belongings.

Our service is a demand response service, and our drivers may assist the rider to enter or exit our vehicle, and see you safely to your destination, but the driver is not responsible for helping the rider enter or exit a building. Passengers requiring assistance entering or exiting buildings may have a companion rider with them for free.

How do I get there on time?

It is the goal of ALTRAN to provide the greatest number of passengers with prompt, efficient, friendly service.  The following are ways you may help us to better serve you:

  • If you have a scheduled appointment time please call at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Call your work schedule in as soon as you get it.
  • Make reservations as early as possible; you may have to go as early as 30-45 minutes ahead of your requested time.
  • In order to ensure the vehicle will be on time for other passengers, the driver will not make unscheduled stops.  
  • Allow extra time to reach your destination.
  • Allow for time spent picking up and dropping off other passengers before reaching your destination.
  • Be prepared for delays due to bad weather, extra passengers, or road construction.

We strive to pick you up within 15 minutes of scheduled pick up time, but bad weather and waiting for other riders may make us late. Therefore, we can only wait 3 minutes at your pick up address. Please be ready and watch for us! If the driver does not see you, or you don’t come out right away, they must move onto the next stop, because waiting for you makes us late for other riders; you will also be charged for a NO SHOW!

The driver is required to collect a fare prior to departure. Please have exact change or ticket ready.


You must cancel at least an hour (60 minutes) before your scheduled pick up. If you do not cancel for an existing ride it will result in a “no-show“, which you will be required to pay for on your next reserved trip. If a pattern of no-shows/cancellations is established, ALTRAN will be forced to ban offenders from using our service.

ALTRAN reserves the right to deny services to any passengers based on conduct. 

Thank you for riding with ALTRAN. Please call ahead for reservations (906) 387-4845 Ext. 1.